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What is e3 Soccer?

e3 Soccer is an approach to decision-making that makes success easier to achieve. All soccer organizations can benefit from adopting this approach, no matter what their size or the skill level they serve. e3 Soccer is a way of thinking that — when embraced — lays the foundation upon which you can elevate the overall soccer experience for everyone involved in the organization.

e3 soccer is an approach to decision making designed to overcome the challenges that currently frustrate your organization and make success easier to achieve.

Why e3 Soccer?

It's interesting that we get questioned all the time — "You're a soccer gear company. Why do you care?" At Xara, we measure our success on your success. We have always had a "soccer only" focus and share your love of the game. Years ago, we only focused on selling uniforms and gear — like most soccer companies still do today. We have always aimed to positively impact the sport and our customers' soccer experience. We learned that — while creating well-engineered products made a difference — it wasn't enough to make soccer organizations truly successful.

We know success is possible because organizations across the country share their excitement with us every day. It drives us to work harder in developing the product, programs, and services that are the tools used to support their initiatives.

Where did e3 Soccer come from?

Making a positive impact isn't something we take lightly, it's our mission. So, we did research to study how the products we made — uniforms and gear — impacted the kids, the teams, administrators, coaches… our customers. Did it support their success?

Our review of hundreds of conversations with people involved in varying aspects of the game — parents, players, volunteers, administrators, coaches — led us to recognize that if a youth soccer organization is to thrive, it must address emotion, environment, and experience.

If an organization engages members emotionally, creates an environment conveying shared values of the organization and members, and delivers an experience that's authentic and meets or beats the expectations of the members, then they can achieve the success they're striving for.

Together, these 3 facets — emotion, environment, and experience — determine the success of the organization. And we named this e3 Soccer.

How do I apply the e3 Soccer approach?

Xara understands youth soccer — and that is why we offer an array of products, programs, and services that assist you in creating a soccer experience that is truly unique and memorable. Based on an e3 approach to success, we developed unique programs specifically geared to make organizations thrive by addressing the problems of growth, retention, funding, etc. — programs such as Dinomites, Theme Series, Recognition & Reward programs, and College Selextion. An e3 approach is easy, all it takes is a different approach to decision making. To see how the e3 soccer approach has had a positive impact on other organizations please click here [link to success stories page

At Xara, everything we do stems from our commitment to support the success of each soccer organization. This core principle is the catalyst for the thinking behind e3 Soccer and all of our products, programs, and services.

If you're interested in learning more about how an e3 approach can help your organization achieve success, contact us.


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