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Life without e3 Soccer

Now that you understand what e3 Soccer is, it's not difficult to imagine how things would be using the typical approach — a non-e3 Soccer approach.

People don’t volunteer to be part of your success? Your membership is not committed to the initiatives you believe are important? Then something has to change if you are to Achieve e3 Soccer.

Typical soccer organization challenges

Through our extensive research, it became clear that most programs have problems in some or all of the following areas:

  1. Growth
  2. Volunteers
  3. Coaching
  4. Retention of members
  5. Parental involvement
  6. Financial well-being

Getting parental involvement, attracting volunteers, securing volunteer coaches, team growth, member retention, and getting sponsors for funding are common challenges to soccer organizations everywhere. And we found that there was a common thread to the causes of these 6 problems. If an organization doesn't engage members emotionally, if they don't create an environment conveying shared values of the organization and members, and they don't deliver an experiencethat's authentic and meets or beats the expectations of the members, then they can't achieve the success they're striving for.

Volunteer challenges

Most organizations find it almost impossible to attract volunteers. It becomes a major frustration for the leadership of the organization. Since parents are the main source of volunteers, it seems contradictory that most organizations are dismissive of parents. 98% of all organizations tell us that every decision they make is for the child — thus eliminating any thought of what the parent takes from the experience. With an e3 approach, organizations are able to emotionally engage the parents in the experience — making it more likely that they will become involved in the success of the organization.

Parent coaching challenges

Volunteer parent coaches are hard to find and often don't come back after the first year, because coaching can be scary for many moms and dads. This is especially the case if they have never played or coached the game before, and they are now asked to be part of the child’s (and the entire team's) early soccer education. Xara’s age-specific programs — such as Dinomites, Imagineers, and ACES — offer the organization, as well as the volunteer coach a “turnkey” program, including tools to deliver an authentic soccer experience that reaches beyond soccer.

“This age-specific approach has given our club an easy and safe structure for all our volunteer coaches to follow. It has increased our volunteer coach retentions, as well as creating volunteers from excited parents becoming more involved in their child’s soccer experience.”

Burlington Soccer Club

Parental involvement and growth challenges

Many soccer programs today create an experience that does not fulfill parents' and players' expectations, leading to dropout. Parents are not as involved as they could be, and volunteer levels are low. This is why Xara programs engage moms and dads by actually including their participation in the activities that are in the curriculum — so it becomes a family experience. Instead of being on the sidelines, they are more involved and are more engaged emotionally too. Parents are less likely to move their kids from one organization to another looking for a “better experience”.

Bringing it all together for success

When we speak to organizations of all sizes who are engaged in the game at all different skill levels, they ask us why they should engage in an e3 approach to decision making. Our answer is always the same — it makes success easier to achieve. An e3 approach allows the organization to create a more fulfilling soccer experience for their members and improves their ability to overcome the challenges that have frustrated them for a long time. It breaks the cycle of repeating the same behaviors and getting the same disappointing results.

e3 is an approach that — when coupled with the use of Xara’s products, programs, and services — supports the success you're seeking. It brings excitement to the experience for everyone involved.

If you would like to make success easier to achieve and want to learn more about how an e3 approach can help your organization achieve success, contact us.