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Over the past 20 years, the success of Youth Soccer organizations has been based upon the creativity and dedication of volunteers at the grass root level. Without them, the sport could not have achieved the growth that is evident today. However, as the game has grown, success has become harder to achieve. And for many, the soccer experience has become jaded. It doesn’t have to be this way — many organizations are using an e3 approach to bring excitement back to their program and achieve measurable success.

To create this success, organizations are utilizing Xara’s array of age and skill specific products, programs, and services that support and enhance the soccer experience for everyone. Xara's e3 approach addresses the common problems that soccer organizations face, including coach retention, parental involvement, and growth.

Xara’s e3 approach allows an organization to create a more enjoyable soccer experience for their members and improves their ability to overcome the challenges that have frustrated them for a long time. At Xara, everything we do stems from our commitment to support the success of each soccer organization. This core principle was the catalyst for the thinking behind e3 Soccer.

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